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the original patented accessory that keeps cargo from sliding.

Ever arrive at your destination only to find your cargo has been sliding all around your truck bed? Introducing a new idea in truck bed accessories. The Truck Bed Slide Stop is a simple yet effective accessory that raises up when you need to keep small cargo within reach, and can be easily lowered back down when you need to haul larger cargo. Simple.

Reaching in pickup truck

installs quickly, no tools required.

No tools required for most applications. Just place it in the bed of your truck, connect the supports to your bottom or top tie downs, and you’re ready to roll.

Slide Stop with Cargo
Slide Stop with Cargo

Expandable for medium cargo

Add extra cable sets (available as a purchase option) to extend your cargo depth from approximately 20" to 37". Add more cables for even more cargo depth.

Slide Stop Flat

Folds down for large cargo

Just unhook the back section and the Truck Bed Slide Stop lays flat. Now you’re ready to use the full length of your bed.

Slide Stop Flat
Slide Stop Boxes
Slide Stop Mower
Slide Stop Rear View

also WORKS for suvs!

Our Carpeted Slide Stop looks great in any SUV.
Call or text for custom orders.

Slide Stop SUV
Slide Stop SUV
Truck Bed Slide Stop
Truck Bed Slide Stop™ Logo
US PATENT NO. 10,449,890 B2


  • PATENTED DESIGN: Keeps cargo from sliding and easy to reach.
  • CONVERTS TRUCK BED INTO A CAR TRUNK: Installs easily in most full-size trucks and SUVs, and lowers to lay flat.
  • EXPANDABLE CABLE SYSTEM SUPPORTS LARGER CARGO: Add extra cable sets to extend the depth of your Slide Stop from 20" to 37" or more!
  • HEAVY DUTY AND EVERYDAY USE: Can be used for groceries, packages, tools, coolers, food and tailgating items -- ANYTHING you haul in your truck that you don't want sliding around.
  • BUILT TO LAST: Improved and simplified design is made of hard, durable black plastic with a non-skid rubber-like top surface. This patented product is build to last and is made in the USA!
  • WARRANTY: Includes 1-year warranty. *Returns must be received in original new condition to receive full refund less shipping.

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Your Slide Stop kit includes one Truck Bed Slide Stop with two 12" coated connection cables and four carabiners, a 1-year warranty*, and FREE shipping in the U.S.

Your Truck Bed Slide Stop will be approximately 47" wide, which will fit most full-size trucks and SUVs.

Please measure the space in your vehicle prior to purchase. Contact us directly to order custom sizes, special requests, and other customizations.

Email us at [email protected]
Text or call 704-202-5006

*All warranty returns must be received in original new condition to receive full refund less shipping.

Choose Your Option

Option 1: Truck Bed Slide Stop - $249

Option 2: Truck Bed Slide Stop plus an extra cable set (for a total of four 12" cables + six carabiners). Extends the depth of your Slide Stop from 20" to approximately 37". - $268.99

Option 3: Extra cable set only (two 12" cables + two carabiners) - $19.99

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